Win An Architect With Wignall & Moore

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Award winning art & architecture studio Wignall & Moore, have launched a competition to seek out the most innovative client briefs and architectural proposals.

Born and raised in Yorkshire, James Wignall of Harrogate and Bradley Moore of Hull, want to bring innovative and creative projects to life that enhance, showcase and celebrate the culturally rich heritage of Yorkshire.

Wignall commented: “This is our opportunity to really explore some striking concepts and innovative design, right on our doorstep. Whether you’re a business in need of a new premises, the owner of a heritage asset in need of restoration or an arts organisation looking to make a splash, we’re looking for entries that will challenge conventional design concepts and inspire the future against a backdrop of history.”

The competition offers the chance to win a design concept worth up to £10,000. Moore added: “This will include a full site study, client workshop, planning investigation, design drawings and 3D visualisation of your project. In short, we will act as your advisors to develop your design and bring tangible detail to your plans. Four runners up will also benefit from a design consultation, where you can bounce your ideas off of the team to help move your project closer to realisation.”

For more details on the combination and it’s expert judging panel visit: myproject/