Contactless biometrics for causeway

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Causeway Technologies has accelerated its roll-out of a new facial recognition tool to help construction companies implement contactless biometric sign-in on site.

The technology is part of a recent update of Causeway's Donseed biometric labour management software. The cloud-based system offers a range of tools to monitor operatives and subcontractors on site using biometric technology.

Causeway said that while the business increased the speed of the tool's development in response to Covid-19, it had always been part of a wider strategy to provide contactless biometrics on a hardware-agnostic platform.

Unlike a key card or access fob that can be shared, biometrics are based on the unique profile of the person. This makes them a more secure option, especially when it comes to recording hours worked, checking competencies and managing health and safety on site. Donseed helps contractors gather data about who has visited site, how long they have worked and what their credentials are. The latter includes managing site inductions online and being alerted to expiring training certifications. Data is available in real-time via a dashboard, giving greater control over costs, risks and workforce efficiency.